About the Founder

In my childhood came a huge interest in living beings and conservation of our Planet. I found in science, an awakening of my attention. My study area was already defined as a child, when once I had an interaction with a dolphin and met a marine biologist. At that moment I realized that this was the career I wanted to pursue. So, the goal of my life was to attend marine biology at the University of Algarve and I always worked for this. I’ve always believed in good and that together we can preserve the environment, through environmental awareness and education. Despite this milestone in my life that made me set my professional future, today I believe that living organisms should live in the wild.

At 18 years old, after entering my first year of university, as I accomplish all the subjects, I began to set my professional profile. In the second year, after having the Marine Biological Resources subject, where I learned about Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology, I got some inspiration and decided I also should dedicate myself to the conservation of marine resources.

When I was part of the Study program of the US Institutes (SUSI) for Student Leaders from Europe, at the United States, the idea of ​​this project was getting better in my mind and I presented it with the goal to get it to a high level.

Access to information makes it possible for consumers to make more informed environmental decisions, such as buying sustainable fish.

Thus, consumers help to preserve the full range of ecosystems of our planet, because everything on Earth is interconnected and in perfect harmony.



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