Great job Rafaela! I will be following your work with a lot of interest. Sustainability of marine resources is going to be a central issue in the near future. Seeing young scientists with this determination gives us hope for the future.

Margarida Castro – Member of CCMar – Ualg

When i met Rafaela she was taking the first steps in their academic journey.
I remember like it was today was a little girl, sweet, polite, extremely responsible and very curious.
For consecutive two years, I was a teacher of the first cycle and, even then, when i looked at her, had a conviction that was before someone in the near future, would mark the difference because with 8 and 9 years old already I was able to defend her ideals, trying to change mentalities, always in the fight for a better world for us all.
It is a great pride verify that my intuition was correct and a great privilege to be part of the life story of this my dear student who is taking giant steps in a world that always fascinated … The world of biology!

Congratulations, Rafaela!
The world needs young people like you!

Rita Militão – Associação Jardim Escola João de Deus

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