Fish4Me in Brussels for the World Ocean Day!

Rafaela Paulo Teixeira, founder of the Fish4Me project, was invited and funded by the Surfrider Foundation to represent her project in Brussels on the World Ocean Day, celebrated on June 8th, at the BlueUp initiative event held at the Talk CEC building, near the European Parliament. From this initiative, a set of 10 proposals focused on the field of ocean sustainability were selected from a public consultation.
More than 20 organizations, including the Fish4Me, actively participated in writing this important document, which aims to promote ocean protection and preservation.
In the context of the European Elections 2024, the official document was presented that day at the BlueUp session (which shared the event with EU4Ocean to all organizations and projects supporting this initiative. This meeting enabled the strengthening of working together in the search for strategies to ensure that the sustainability of the oceans is a priority on political agendas. As such, the participants were able to establish contacts, exchange experiences and strengthen partnerships for the protection of the oceans.
The interaction between the organizations and projects involved in the initiative is fundamental to drive joint actions and promote a more comprehensive and effective approach to marine sustainability.
And as she couldn’t let the opportunity pass by, Rafaela took the opportunity to leave a message at the European Parliament.”

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