Thank you to the Santo Tirso TowHall for the support you have given me as a university student and the dissemination of the Fish4Me project. The Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Student Leaders from Europe, whose selection is made by Fulbright Portugal was a great step towards the beginning of my professional life. A big thank you to Ricardo Sequeira, Otilia Macedo Reis and the other Fulbright stakeholders; To Karyn Schultz, Sandra Clark and Alicia Rose Going, who provided us with a unique experience in the United States, as well as to Monika Baranowski-Wilcox, Chauna Martinez, Jacquelyn Piansay and all the fhi360 who supported the start-up of the Fish4Me project. Last but not least, thank you and my collaborators Pablo Moldes, Amantha Aluth and Robin Andersson for all their support.


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